CasualAngry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.17.1 (Unlocked Slingshot, Unlimited Boosters)

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.17.1 (Unlocked Slingshot, Unlimited Boosters)

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.17.1 (Unlocked Slingshot, Unlimited Boosters)
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4.5 Rating (584) Votes

4.5 Rating (584 Votes )
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Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.17.1 (Unlocked Slingshot, Unlimited Boosters)

GAME INFO: Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlocked Slingshot, Unlimited Boosters
Category Games
Size 123 MB
Version 11.17.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is an exciting and upsurge sequel to the classic Angry Birds game. Fans of the original will find a whole new level of rage has been unlocked, with multiple play styles for more fun and challenging gameplay. In addition to blasting away pigs on familiar stories from indices past, gamers can share their scores with friends online, compete in weekly tournaments against one another or challenge themselves to the endless level known as Piggy Island Plus. Featuring gorgeous graphics enhanced specially for Facebook users, deep social networking integration such as leaderboards and achievements unlocking new content along each stage plus massive boss battles – this poached egg-popping portent certainly won’t let you separate your birds from blastin’ pigs in style!

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

Tutorial Tool

The game comes with an onboard tutorial tool for new players to learn about the best strategies and techniques in order to progress throughout the levels, including how to make use of power-ups like bombs or shields.

Leaderboards & Achievements

Gamers can keep track of their performances on Angry Birds Friends by using leaderboards based on scores obtained from each stage completed, as well as achieving different kinds of awards from award pins, earning stars towards unlocking extra content such as Piggy Island+ . Players are also free to customize colours and name tags for their team, informing their friends online what crew they belong to, which also includes friendly rivalries against opponents in weekly tournament-style competitions where both teams qualify for the final showdown at higher stages where only one team will emerge victorious!

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Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

Endless Mode

Beyond remastered versions of classic Angry Birds levels, users can take on the extra challenge with Endless mode, which gives players nearly 200 stages in an infinite sequence of ever-challenging classes where birds meet blocks. An actual test of one’s strategic skills and reactions will be needed if a player is aiming to achieve top scores!


Every mission requires a correct combination of power-ups like bombs, shields, or laser beams to help catapult particular bird types into pigs like never before. Each type has its own unique abilities and strengths; however, every level has its own design of overcoming the Wicked Pigs’ fortress using whatever habits acquired from past experiences may be enough…or maybe not?

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

Maximum Score

At every level, there is a maximum score that can be obtained. If the player manages to hit that target, they will receive an extra double bonus of feathers, which helps progress faster through the various levels when enough are stockpiled into their inventory, again adding more fun and strategic excitement for gamers!

Graphics & Interfaces

Angry Birds Friends features stunning graphics as well as smooth interphase, allowing players to enjoy each stage without any distractions or learning curves in getting used to all game functions respectively. Social integration, such as Facebook crowdsourcing, will enable users to share tips and strategies across multiple platforms within seconds!

Multiplayer Mode

Gamers flock with their friends on adventures so often, so why not make this experience even more exciting by playing with them together?! Through multiplayer mode, games can select from four different missions to fit up to five birdies at one time, either cooperatively or competitively, making the experience much more enriching, especially during boss battles where teamwork always trumps solo efforts hands down!

What is Angry Birds Friends Mod APK?

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK is a modified version of the original Angry Birds Friends game. The modded version has been created to give gamers access to features and resources that are otherwise hard or impossible to obtain in the original game. This includes providing unlimited coins, gems, power-ups and other bonuses which can be used by players when playing on all levels throughout Piggy Island, as well as unlocking exclusive content like extra levels, characters and bonus items only previously achievable with actual money purchases!

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

Features of Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Unlocked Slingshot

With the modded version of Angry Birds Friends, players will have access to all levels with a starting slingshot already unlocked at their disposal. This gives users an advantage from the get-go in taking down pigs faster than usual and avoiding complications like having to wait in order to purchase these items for coins or gems only found while progressing through past stages.

Unlimited Boosters

Players can ignore any disability that would block progression by having access to unlimited boosters while playing any stage throughout Piggy Island, giving them a massive advantage towards grinding higher scores even faster than usual!

No Ads

Thanks to the modded version, gamers no longer have to worry about being interrupted by ads such as banners or popups flashing around during major gaming sessions, thus eliminating distractions and helping those who want nothing more than just pure focus on bird blasting without interruptions whatsoever when reaching maximum scores!

Maximum Scores Unlocked

Players can quickly gain access to the highest scores achievable in each stage simply by collecting max score bonuses and then spending these numbers on power-ups like bombs or shields, as well as enjoying bonus content such as boss battles without the effort of level grinding necessary prior.

Characters Unlocked

Gamers will have instant access to all characters available throughout Piggy Island, including hidden ones, giving them a huge advantage over opponents and significantly expanding their teams with variety when deciding which bird type best fits particular tasks.

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk

• Download the version from the mod site (such as

• Make sure to allow downloads from unknown sources in your device settings.

• After the download is complete, locate the APK file and tap on it to initiate installation.

• Read all warnings if they appear during the installation process before pressing the Agree & Continue button, then wait patiently for the app to be fully installed.

• Now access Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk directly from your applications menu and have fun!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure that the version being downloaded is compatible with your device’s OS.

• Verify that sufficient storage space is available in order to prevent installation issues.

• If an error message appears after tapping on the APK file, try downloading again from another source or a different download link (if it exists).

• If you experience further problems, reach out to the technical support team of the mini militia mod App to get help!

Visual and sound quality


Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk features stunning visuals throughout each stage, displaying an intense level of detailing elements such as the appearance and personalities of characters, interactive powerups and getting more creative with background designs, allowing for more immersive experiences for gamers across all platforms!


The modded version delivers intense audio content from the moment the user launches the game, along with selections of music layered differently depending on which chapters are being accessed. Dynamic sound effects help to bring a real sense of life into every bird type available, in addition to showcasing humour with various pig grunts and phrases, resulting in an even more competitive atmosphere for those looking to prove their Angry Birds Friends skills towards friends online!

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk


Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk offers enthusiastic gamers the all-new opportunity to take their classic bird-popping adventure to new heights with strategic levels, interactive boss battles and unlimited resources provided throughout Piggy Island! With stunning visuals, dynamic sound effects, and a plethora of options for customizing teams online – it’s time to showcase your feathery repertoire, no matter if you are competing against friends or taking on challenging enemy pigs alone, because everything is possible in this high-flying actioner. It’s go time, so join up now before you end up playing last for too long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk free to play?

A: Yes, the modded version of Angry Birds Friends can be downloaded at no cost. However, it does require a stable internet connection for online functions and cross-platform compatibility.

Q: Will I lose my progress after switching to the modded version?

A: No, your data will be stored and kept safe even if you switch versions. However, depending on what new features have been added, it may only appear in older save files once they have been completed once again.

Q: Is Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk safe to download?

A: Yes, the mod has gone through a series of tests by reliable sources, making sure that all changes made are compatible with various devices without crashing applications or introducing malicious code into users’ systems.

Q: What platforms does Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk support?

A: Despite initially being released exclusively for the Facebook platform, the modified version is now available for iOS and Android devices as well, allowing players to enjoy their bird-bursting fun at home or while on the go!

Q : Does this provide extra content not seen before in the original game ?

A : Yes , besides having access to unlimited resources and bonus items, players can unlock exclusive levels , characters, plus much more, only obtainable through actual money purchases but freely accessible here due to special upgrades included throughout this Anger Bird Friends adventure experience !


• Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is a modified version of the classic game designed for gamers to have access to features and resources that are otherwise impossible or hard to get. 

• Players can take their bird-blasting adventures to new heights with strategic levels, interactive boss battles and unlimited resources provided throughout Piggy Island! 

• It features stunning visuals and dynamic audio content as well as plenty of opportunities for customizing teams online, competing against friends or earning maximum scores solo. 

• Comes with onboard tutorial tool plus leaderboards & achievements, rewarding players with extra coins & feathers when eligible, helping them progress faster in each stage effortlessly! 

• Free of charge; however, it requires a stable internet connection for online cross-platform compatibility, plus no data will be lost, making switches between versions seamless like never before!

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