EnhanceFox APK 5.9.1 MOD [Pro Unlocked, 4K, Premium]

EnhanceFox APK 5.9.1 MOD [Pro Unlocked, 4K, Premium]

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App Name AI Photo Enhancer - EnhanceFox
Publisher risingcabbage
Genre Photography
Latest Version 5.9.1
Update on Dec 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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EnhanceFox is an Android app that utilises advanced AI technology to enhance and restore photos and videos. The app was launched in 2020 by developer RisingCabbage and has seen tremendous growth in downloads and positive reviews since then.

The developer’s main aim was to create an easy-to-use tool that could fix common photo issues like blurriness, low resolution and colour fading in old images. They took advantage of recent advances in deep learning and neural networks to power real-time enhancements right on the user’s device.

The app quickly gained popularity as users were amazed at how well it improved their cherished but imperfect photos and videos. Its versatile features allow fixing blur, increasing resolution, colourizing black & white images, animating still photos and more. This enabled users to breathe new life into their old memories.

Let’s look at some of the key features that make EnhanceFox a cut above the rest.

EnhanceFox MOD APK

Main Features

AI Photo Enhancement

This is the core feature of EnhanceFox. It uses AI to identify areas in a photo that need improvement and makes precision enhancements accordingly. This includes:

  • Deblurring out-of-focus or motion-blurred areas
  • Increasing resolution and sharpness for a clearer view
  • Reducing noise and compression artifacts
  • Automatically adjusting brightness, contrast and colour balance

The enhancements are customized on a photo-to-photo basis depending on the type of issues present.

Old Photo Restoration

EnhanceFox contains specialized algorithms to restore old and damaged photos. This allows reviving faded colour, fixing tears & scratches, removing stains and rebuilding missing areas.

Advanced scene understanding helps recreate lost details in a plausible manner. Users are often amazed at the dramatic restoration achieved.

Black & White Colourisation

The AI colouriser module adds vibrant colour to black & white photos while retaining original brightness and texture. This works for a variety of old photo types.

It helps users rediscover their monochrome memories in a whole new light.

Photo Animation

A fun feature that uses AI to animate faces in still photos. This includes facial motions, expressions and even synthesised speech.

It works for both human and animal faces. Bringing photos to life opens interesting creative possibilities.

Photo Scanning

The app can scan physical photos and save digital copies to the device gallery. This facilitates digitisation and preservation of users’ precious printed memories.

It handles curved surfaces, reflections & shadows to produce clear scans comparable to desktop scanners.

Video Enhancement

EnhanceFox also enhances video files to fix blur, jitter, low FPS, over-compression and scaling artifacts. This noticeably improves video quality.

It supports increasing FPS for smoother motion and converting videos to cinematic aspect ratios.

Ad-Free Experience

The app offers an ad-free experience with the premium version. No disruptive ads means uninterrupted enjoyment of the enhancement features.

Batch Processing

Batch mode allows users to select multiple photos/videos and apply enhancements to the entire set in one go. This saves a lot of time and effort.

EnhanceFox MOD APK

EnhanceFox Mod APK

The mod APK version provides all premium features without any subscription charges. This unlocked variant additionally blocks in-app update prompts.

Key Highlights

  • Completely ad-free interface
  • Full access to all advanced tools
  • Batch export at original resolutions
  • Faster and glitch-free processing
  • No annoying prompts for subscriptions or updates

The mod delivers the same core performance as the original app while enhancing usability. It lets budget-conscious users fully utilise EnhanceFox’s capabilities.

EnhanceFox MOD APK


Fixes Imperfect Photos

EnhanceFox improves real-life photos that suffer from common flaws like blur, low lighting, over/under-exposure and compression artifacts. This helps fix cherished memories captured in less than ideal conditions.

Restores Faded Photos

It revives old and damaged photos by reconstructing faded colours, missing areas, scratches etc. Users can rescue decades-old family albums on the verge of being discarded.

Adds Colour to Black & White Photos

The colourisation feature builds on the restoration to recreate how monochrome photos would have looked in colour. It serves as a window into the vibrant past.

Animates Still Photos

The AI animation module makes still photos come alive through facial motions and expressions. This enables creating fun video clips and GIFs from standard photos.

Scans Physical Photos

By digitising printed photos, EnhanceFox facilitates preservation and easy sharing of users’ precious memories captured before the digital era.

Enhances Videos Too

It improves videos as well with tools to fix blur, jitter, noise and compression artifacts. Users can enhance their special moment videos to better quality.

Ad-Free Experience

The mod APK provides an ad-free interface for uninterrupted enjoyment of all features. No disruptive ads means smoother overall experience.

EnhanceFox MOD APK


Does it require internet access?

No internet access is needed as all processing happens on-device leveraging the power of AI. Photos/videos remain private.

Will the enhancements reduce visual quality?

Absolutely not. EnhanceFox applies precision improvements that objectively improve photo/video quality without degrading anything else.

Can the animations be saved as video files?

Yes, the animated clips can be exported as MP4 video files and shared via apps like WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

Does batch processing work with video files too?

Yes, batch enhancement works seamlessly with video files also across all tools like increase FPS, convert aspect ratio etc.

Does the mod APK affect app functionality?

No, the modded version provides the exact same features as the original app. The only difference is delivering an ad-free experience.

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EnhanceFox MOD APK


EnhanceFox is an invaluable tool for restoring and enhancing photographic memories using the power of AI. Its versatile features help fix common photo/video flaws, add colour and life to monochrome images, digitise printed photos and more.

The mod APK makes the app’s premium features freely accessible in an ad-free package. This offers budget-conscious users the full utility without subscription costs.

Overall, EnhanceFox’s unique blend of AI magic and usability makes preserving and enjoying precious memories easier. Its continued innovations keep expanding the realm of what’s possible with personal photos and videos.

Bug fixed and performance improvement.

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