Role PlayingMagic Streets Mod Apk 1.1.38 (Unlimited Money)

Magic Streets Mod Apk 1.1.38 (Unlimited Money)

Magic Streets Mod Apk 1.1.38 (Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (515) Votes

4.5 Rating (515 Votes )
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Magic Streets Mod Apk 1.1.38 (Unlimited Money)

GAME INFO: Magic Streets Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Games
Size 140 MB
Version 1.1.38
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Magic Streets Mod Apk, a role-playing game that transports you into an exciting fantasy world. In this massive online environment, you can create and customize your very own character choosing from an array of powerful races and races such as elves, orcs or humans — and dive into epic adventures. Take on challenging tasks to earn rewards such as raw materials for crafting unique gear like armors, weapons or magical items; explore the mysterious lands filled with dark secrets; complete challenging missions against fearsome monsters; battle other players in player versus player mode! Here at Magic Street everything is possible – be fearless in discovering the deepest dungeons full of danger but also immense rewards. Find hidden cities hidden deep within deserts full of overlooked secrets waiting for any daring explorer who decides to travel off their beaten path! Make friends along the way that share similar goals or work together with players formed guilds taking on monumental challenges explicitly designed for groups only they can handle. Now go forth adventurer let your imagination guide you though The Amazing World Of Magic Streets Mod Apk Free Download!

Magic Streets Mod Apk

Create a Character

Magic Streets offers players an extensive character creation system, with the option to customize your own avatar. You can choose from an array of different races like elves, dwarves and humans – each race comes with a unique set of racial abilities and traits. Additionally you can adjust details such as hair color, voice type and eye color – these customization are all visual only but it still helps in personalizing your character. Furthermore you also get to choose one out four different classes i.e., berserk er, mage or druid- all equipped with their own unique class abilities they automatically acquire once leveling up!


Players have the freedom to explore around three vast worlds; lush jungles riddled full of secrets just waiting for brave adventurers ready enough for the challenge ahead lies; barren deserts filled landscapes dotted by sandstorms that will try testing any explorer’s strength before its end — no two excursions ever being quite alike here! Alongside discovering hidden areas within these realms unveil ancient artifacts granting bonus bonuses increasing magic power or strengthening resistances against treacherous foes in battle! Find secret quests to embark on small or large groups, be sure going equipped with skills and supplies.

RPG Gameplay

Magic Streets delivers an enthralling role-playing game experience – the main objective is to level up all characters while fighting monsters through various tasks slaying enemy players either in solo queue battles or teambased guild warfare. As your progress grows new opportunities open up as rewards become more generous granting better items such armor, weapons and magical items etc.. Experience points gained increase fighting capabilities plus providing extra advantages over enemies during combat! Collect raw material throughout your journeys helping you craft powerful gear unique only found within imaginary lands of fantasy!

Magic Streets Mod Apk

Cooperative Elements

To make gameplay even more exciting – cooperative features like leader boards exist ranking teams undergoing group quests receiving bonuses at higher levels upon completion; when forming a party offer experience points shared between everyone making it easier for weaker members who haven’t advanced too far come out with same quantity abundance those highest ranks whose magnificence have already proven worthy time after time. Special events take the form of allowing nightclubs to overcome complex challenges and compete against each other using different strategies looking for victory position, whereas completing any mission alone can still prove daunting depending on the difficulty settings that the player has chosen to try (sometimes impossible without having assistance least somebody). Players also join joining prestigious guild receive special awards bring certain prestige their name amongst community!

Variety of Weapons and Gear

Every adventurer can forge their very own weapons! With a vast range of raw materials collected along the way, it is possible to create powerful equipment with unique stats your character Friedman Gabler exclusive item. Throughout mission progress leading towards higher levels more comprehensive selection items become available enhancing magical abilities or boosting physical ones offering specific advantage kind battle occurring sweetest moment pleasureing in victory concludoing stray enemy defeat not much effort expended such beautiful accomplishments also feel outstanding achievements strive excel far beyond what imagined possible until now!

Magic Streets Mod Apk

Competitive Elements

Magic Streets also provides players with the opportunity to compete against each other PvP. Here 800 can choose equip their most potent gear organise teams taking down opponent’s side whether it be 1v1 combat collective guild warfare whose main focus by contrast showing off competition perspective combining coordinative skills strategy outsmarting foes limbs working together victory every effort forth producing such results bringing challenges along progress but end promise rewarding achievement fruit labor waiting discovered whole new level!!


Enchantments feature allow characters upgrade weapons and armor using unique enchanting materials, a set of Alchemists tools craft magical potions imbuing inherent powers them. For example Ice Shard Card will give you “Ice Blast” effect that freezes your enemies in battle or Nature Blessing increases maximum health indicated amount when drinking triggering beneficial bonus trip into next fight without worries disintegrating halfway! There many more enchantable items potential shines brightly within relatively short space time discovering outcome all experiments guaranteed take several hours plenty fun had between then here end result should highly proactive strategic offensive teleporting ancient world triumph complete greatest challenge ever confidence promises success climb further glory even farther heights wider realms than imaginable!

Magic Streets Mod Apk

What is Magic Streets Mod APK?

The Magic Streets Mod APK is an official modification of the original game that allows Android users to unlock in-game items such as powerful equipment and magical potions, as well as additional character development options. This modified version of the game comes with improved graphics and textures, allowing players to experience a more prosperous, more immersive world, making it easier to progress faster through higher levels. Moreover, this mod also lets users take on new challenges for extra rewards while individual achievements are recognized by personal leader boards! Allowing your unique legend within fantasy walls grow exponentially!

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Features of Magic Streets Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Easily afford any items will otherwise require tedious tasks to obtain with the in-game currency; money. The Magic Streets mod apk allows players to enjoy an unlimited amount of coins, allowing more funds for their characters equipment needs as well other needs within the game itself!

Delete Ads

Ads within Magic Streets can be annoying as they distract the flow of battle scenes and make gameplay unnecessarily slow. With Magic Streets mod apk, players can now delete any ads that take away fun away from the game altogether!

Special Gear

Players can unlock high-level gear only available within the mod version of the game. Special items correspond to distinct classes with elevated stats not found anywhere else; making them quite powerful when up against enemies in battle!

Unlimited Fast Travel

Magic Streets mod apk comes with unlimited fast travel options – perfect for those looking to gather better materials or higher levels faster without having worry about running out fast travelling pass expenses tying down your wallet money given other stuff needed also be taken into consideration best time utilize lets explore areas quickly found no cost whatsoever so why waste if isn’t locked?!

Boosted Skills and Damage Protection

Additional difficulty settings allow specific skills damage protection abilities become more improved than regular mode where players are limited by lower numbers granting extra advantages more vigorous opponents both PvE activities involving during boss missions example Increased Critical Hit which multiplies previous calculated damages increasing overall chance winning combat spinoffs huge boost functionally!

How to Download And Install Magic Streets Mod Apk

• Go to the official Google Play Store website or open the app store of your choice.

• Search for “Magic Streets Mod Apk Free Download ” and click on it when you find it.

• Once at the download page, tap “Download” to start downloading Magic Streets Mod Apk.

• After installation is complete, launch Magic Streets Hack Apk from your device’s menu and enjoy!

Magic Streets Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure your device is compatible with the version of Magic Streets Apk Mod you are attempting to install

• Check if there’s still enough storage space available for Magic Streets Modded Apk. If not, delete unwanted apps or documents

• Check that you have turned off any antivirus and malware protection software on the device before downloading and installing

• For substantial downloads, make sure your internet connection is stable throughout installation

• Make sure there are no current system updates pending as they my temporarily prevent installation

• Ask a tech-savvy friend to help you with any more complicated troubleshooting issues you are unable to manage yourself.

Visual and sound quality


The visuals for the Magic Streets Mod Apk are both impressive and whimsical. All magical creatures encountered during game navigation have been intricately designed to bring out their unique personalities – a breath of fresh air from other online adventure titles! Unique skins, backgrounds and textures also appear more vivid compared far less detailed predecessors; alongside animations breaking parts scenery open crisp colored objects finduring moments exploration beyond epic form!


Music reflected within fantasy realm quite spectacular note left heard once past door into wild lands birds singing softly distant wind blowing trees creating atmosphere so realism sound creators simply excellent job immersing listeners another world away hardly anyone returned same old dull routine anymore complete journey discovering more incredible things await anxious travellers who’ve decided join grand expedition untold mysteries fate granted commands attentions servitude!!


Magic Streets is an engaging RPG world full of adventure and opportunities. Players can choose from four different classes, each with their own unique skills that will allow them to progress through the game and uncover hidden secrets along the way! On top of that, they have limitless customization options for their character as well as access to specialized equipment only found through in-game rewards or by playing its modified version – Magic Streets Apk Mod Free Download. With bold visuals fueled by unforgettable music both captivating enchanting this newly revamped magical kingdom sure provide many hours entertainment though imaginative lands forgotten ruins long lost treasures buried deep within crevices daring seekers may take part retrieving all prizes await winner ready take on formidable tasks well enough carve out rewarding successful career unheard parallel universe ready explored increasingly more powerful!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Magic Streets Hack Apk safe to use?

A: Yes, because it is an official hackification of the original game — it has passed safety checks and can be downloaded and installed without any risks.

Q: What are the benefits of downloading this Hack version?

A: The main benefit of downloading Magic Streets Hack Apk Free Download is that you get access to powerful items like exclusive gear, enchanting materials or Alchemists tools as well as unlimited fast travel options that will help you level-up your character faster.

Q: Does the mod version have better graphics or sound quality?

A: Yes, this mod comes with improved visuals and textures on all creatures as well as extra music tracks that provide a more captivating atmosphere compared to the regular levels.

Q: Where can I find instructions for downloading and installing Magic Streets Mod Apk?

A: Detailed instructions can be found at the official website or your local gaming marketplace — remember to turn off any security software before starting downloads in order to ensure a safe installation process.

Q: Are there any customization options available with this mod version of Magic Streets Apk Mod game?

A :Yes, you get access to special gear only available through this modified version! With powerful stats allowing better protection from enemies while awakening new skills each time used which enhanced magical abilities standard game nearly completely absent here present form more significant tactical advantage during battles higher rewards awaiting lucky victors who take whole potential possibility unable lone adventurers dare journey dangerous lands alone assemble mightiest team stand chance surviving impossible.


Magic Streets Modded Apk is a role-playing game that transports you to an exciting fantasy world with endless possibilities. 

• Players have the freedom to explore lushly forested areas, barren deserts and secret territories. 

• Take on challenging tasks in solo or team mode and earn rewards such as raw materials for crafting powerful equipment or magical items. 

• Character customization allows players to create their own avatar from races like elves, dwarves & humans – each with special racial abilities and traits! 

• Enjoy immersive RPG gameplay including PvE modes versus monsters plus PvP battles against other players that test your skills & strategies. 

• Unlock special gear only available through Magic Streets Modded Apk Free Download version as well any enchantment feature provides weapon armor upgrade options grant extra bonuses higher-levels up!


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