Manor Cafe APK 1.178.35 MOD (Unlimited Money)

Manor Cafe APK 1.178.35 MOD (Unlimited Money)

App Name Manor Cafe - Match 3 Games
Publisher GAMEGOS
Genre Puzzle
Update on Dec 28, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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Manor Cafe is a popular free-to-play mobile game developed by Gamegos for Android and iOS devices. With over 1.44 million reviews and 10 million+ downloads on Google Play store alone, it has become one of the top match-3 puzzle and cafe simulation games.

Manor Cafe MOD APK

The Engaging Storyline

The game puts the player in the shoes of a new cafe owner trying to renovate an old abandoned cafe bought in an auction. Upon taking charge, you meet the quirky cafe staff – the manager Meg and the temperamental chef Bruno.

The light-hearted storyline progresses through episodes as you unlock new areas of the manor, meet interesting characters like a baby or a food critic, and immerse in funny situations or even drama at times. Completing match-3 puzzle levels earns you stars to redecorate and upgrade your cafe.

The well-written episodic narrative with endearing characters is a big reason behind the popularity and addictive nature of Manor Cafe.

Manor Cafe MOD APK

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Manor Cafe skillfully combines two genres – match-3 puzzle and cafe simulation. Here are the main gameplay features:

Relaxing Match-3 Levels

The core of Manor Cafe lies in completing match-3 puzzle levels. Gameplay involves:

  • Matching 3 or more similar tiles horizontally or vertically
  • Using power-ups and boosters like bombs, rockets, and hammers
  • Fulfilling level objectives like reaching target scores
  • Earning stars based on your performance

With regular addition of new levels, you get to play hundreds of fun and relaxing levels.

Cafe Simulation and Decor

Manor Cafe is not just match-3 puzzles. You also get to:

  • Renovate and decorate your cafe manor – dining hall, garden, rooms etc.
  • Unlock new areas and hidden rooms
  • Upgrade cafe facilities like kitchen, furniture etc.
  • Meet characters integral to the cafe like staff or food critics
  • Make delicacies like pizza, burger, and pies

The cafe simulation aspect allows you to witness the manor transform based on your match-3 prowess.

Bonus Content

Apart from the above two core mechanics, Manor Cafe offers bonus content like:

  • Side stories about staff and patrons
  • Collection of artifacts around the manor
  • Mini games to earn additional rewards

This bonus content provides a much-needed breather between the relaxing match-3 levels.

Manor Cafe MOD APK

Social Features

Manor Cafe incorporates certain social features to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Join a club to chat and befriend players from around the world
  • Race against other players on level leaderboards
  • Send and receive free gifts to helpers in your friend list
  • Trade artifacts with friends

The social aspects incentivize you to keep coming back to the game daily.

Other Key Details

Here are some other key details about Manor Cafe:

  • Freemium model – free to play with optional in-app purchases
  • Play offline without internet or WiFi
  • Kid-friendly gameplay suitable for all ages
  • Regular events and updates with new content
  • Play on Android (4.4+ devices) and iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Small app size less than 150MB

With all the above features blended seamlessly, Manor Cafe offers an irresistible match-3 and decor simulation gameplay loop that appeals to casual gamers of all demographics.

Manor Cafe MOD APK

What is Manor Cafe MOD APK

The Manor Cafe MOD APK is a popular hacked/cracked version of the game distributed by third-party stores. It offers players unlimited money, lives, boosters, and other premium benefits for completely free.

This saves you from annoying pop-up ads or being forced to pay real money for virtual currency or items. The unlimited resources allow you to fully enjoy decorating your cafe without any hindrances.

Some of the key perks of using the Manor Cafe mod include:

  • Unlimited money, coins, stars, and lives
  • All rooms and areas unlocked
  • Unlimited moves and boosters
  • No ads or popups
  • Latest game version with all levels unlocked
  • Works offline without login

However, being an unofficial modded app, its legality remains questionable. Also, downloading from unknown sources increases security risks like viruses and malware.

Key Questions about Manor Cafe

Q1. How much does Manor Cafe cost to play?

Manor Cafe is free to download and play on both Android and iOS. It earns revenue through optional in-app purchases and advertisements. You can progress reasonably far into the game without spending money.

Q2. Is Manor Cafe safe for kids to play?

Yes, Manor Cafe has an ESRB Rating of Everyone 10+ indicating kid-safe content. There is no violence, nudity or offensive content. The relaxed cafe setting and match-3 puzzles make it perfect for all age groups.

Q3. Can Manor Cafe be played offline?

Absolutely. One of Manor Cafe’s highlights is offline accessibility. You do not need an internet connection for match-3 levels or cafe decor gameplay. Internet is only needed occasionally for some social features.

Q4. How often does Manor Cafe receive updates?

The developers Gamegos release new content and updates for Manor Cafe every 2-3 weeks. This includes new match-3 levels, areas, episodes, events, bug fixes etc. to continuously improve the game.

Q5. Which devices support Manor Cafe?

Manor Cafe is available for all Android phones and tablets running Android 4.4 and above. It also supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 9.0 or later. The app size is around 150MB.

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Manor Cafe MOD APK


With a captivating mix of match-3 puzzle challenges and cafe design elements within an episodic story, Manor Cafe offers a unique casual gaming experience. Easy to pick up yet deeply immersive, it appeals to gamers of all ages and interests.

The MOD APK provides unlimited resources allowing you to fully enjoy its decor elements. Backed by a responsive developer releasing timely updates, Manor Cafe continues to evolve into one of the most polished within its genre.

Manor Cafe APK 1.178.35 MOD (Unlimited Money)

• NEW TASKS! Download and continue the story where you left off! • NEW EVENT: LUCKY PASS! - Collect Snow Globes and earn prizes! Activate Gold Pass to get exclusive rewards! • NEW EVENT: NEW YEAR, NEW ADVENTURES! Beat levels to collect Hammers. Use Hammers to renovate old places! • NEW LEVELS! Fun and challenging 50 new levels are waiting for you!

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