Slap Kings Mod Apk 1.6.0 ( Unlimited Slaps)

Slap Kings Mod Apk 1.6.0 ( Unlimited Slaps)

APP INFO: Slap Kings Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Slaps
Category Games
Size 150 MB
Version v1.6.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Slap Kings Mod Apk is a game that you can play with your friends or family. In this game, two players face off against each other to see who has the strongest slapping skills! Each player takes turns slapping their opponent’s hand until one of them gives up and concedes defeat. The last person standing wins points for every slap they successfully land on their opponent’s hand before conceding loss. It’s fast-paced fun that will have everyone laughing as people try to outslap each other in an effort prove themselves King (or Queen) of Slaps!

Gameplay Overview:

1. Each player takes turns slapping the other’s hands until one of them gives up and concedes defeat
2. The last person standing wins points for every slap they successfully land on their opponent’s hand before conceding loss
3. Points are tallied at the end to determine who has earned bragging rights as King (or Queen) of Slaps!
4. The game ends when either both players have had enough or one player has reached a certain score limit, as decided beforehand by the participants.
5. Have fun and don’t forget: No slaps below the belt!

Play With Fun this game?

Slap Kings Mod Apk is a great game to play with your friends or family. It’s an easy way to have some competitive fun while testing out how strong each player’s slapping skills are! With no complicated rules and quick rounds, it’s easy for everyone to join in on the fun. So get ready because this slap-off will leave you laughing as well as challenging yourself against others!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Slap Kings Mod Apk is a multiplayer game. It’s an easy-to-understand and exciting way to challenge your friends or family in a slap off! Players take turns slapping each other’s hands until one concedes defeat, earning points for every hit before giving up. Quick rounds make it fun and refreshingly competitive as everyone tries to become the King (or Queen) of Slaps!

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Slap Kings Mod Apk

Key Feature

Quick Rounds:

Slap Kings’ Mod Apk rounds are quick and intense, making it a great game for competitive fun!

Easy Rules:

With simple rules that everyone can understand, anyone can join in on the slapping action with ease.

Points System:

Players earn points every time they land successful slaps before their opponent concedes defeat – adding an extra layer of competition to each round!

Two-Player Mode :

The traditional two-player mode makes this perfect for friendly rivalry between friends or family members looking to prove who has better slap skills..

Competitive Fun

No complicated boards needed here; all you need is skill when playing Slap Kings as players face off against one another until someone gives up due to pain tolerance or lack thereof!

Party Games

This isn’t just limited to 2 people either; multiple people can play together by having teams compete head-tohead in epic slap down tournaments where the last team standing wins bragging rights amongst all others present at your party!.

No Age Restrictions

Whether young adult, child ,or senior citizen there’s no age limit so even grandparents could get involved and teach those kids how its done!.

Bragging Rights

What more needs be said? You’ll have rightful proof able brag about being King (or Queen) of Slaps after winning out over challengers through slick handwork alone !

What is Slap Kings Mod Apk?

Slap Kings Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Slap Kings game. It includes all the same features as in the regular, but with some added bonuses like an unlimited number of slaps, free points and extra lives! The mod apk also makes it easier to level up quickly so you can become King (or Queen) even faster than before. So if you’re looking for more intense slap-offs that reward your skills better – this might be just what you need!

What is Slap Kings Hack Apk?

Slap Kings Mod Apk
Mod Key Feature

Unlimited Slaps:

With the mod apk, you can enjoy unlimited slaps and take your slapping skills to a whole new level!

Free Points:

You’ll never run out of points with this version; get rewarded for every hit before conceding defeat and become King (or Queen) even faster than ever before!.

Extra Lives :

Need extra chances at becoming king? Now you can have them easily with additional lives that are given out in each round – giving players more opportunities to win it all!

mod apk installation guide

1. Download the mod apk from a trusted website or source such as

2. Open your device’s Settings and navigate to Security & Privacy -> Device Administration, then enable “Unknown Sources” if it isn’t already enabled

3 . Locate the downloaded file on your phone/tablet and tap on it to begin installation process.

4 . When prompted for permissions, accept all of them so that you can successfully install Slap Kings Mod Apk onto your device:

5 . Once installed , open up the game and enjoy!

Game Control

Touch Controls:

Slap Kings Mod Apk is designed to be played with touch controls, allowing players to easily control their slaps by tapping or swiping on the screen of their device

Game Settings :

Adjust game settings such as difficulty level and number of points needed for victory before each round starts so that you can customize your experience even more!


If it’s your first time playing this unique slapping challenge, tutorials are available in-game which will help familiarize you quickly with all aspects of gameplay – including rules and various techniques used when facing off against opponents.

Slap Kings Mod Apk
Game Tips:

Take Your Time:

Don’t rush your slaps; take a moment to aim them properly and make sure you have the right amount of power before striking

Timing is Everything :

time your hits perfectly in order for maximum effectiveness when slapping!

Change it Up:

mix up different techniques such as flicks, swings, or even finger-snapping so that opponents won’t be able to predict what kind of slap will come next!

Avoid Over Slapping :

too many quick successive strikes can leave hands sore – so avoid overdoing it if possible!.

Be Strategic:

focus on which hand has been weakened the most (from multiple successful blows) and go after that one first in order to give yourself an advantage before conceding defeat !

Game Pros and Cons


1. Fun and Easy to Play : Slap Kings is an easy game that anyone can pick up quickly, making it perfect for friendly rivalries between friends or family members

2 . Quick Rounds: With short rounds of intense slapping action, games never last too long – allowing players to enjoy multiple play-throughs in one sitting!.

3. Bragging Rights : After winning a match against someone else you’ll be able prove your right as King (or Queen) of slaps!


1. Sore Hands : Over time hands may become sore from the intensity of all those quick successive strikes – so approach with caution when playing this game for extended periods !

2 . Limited Game Modes/Variations: There aren’t any alternate ways to play other than two-player mode which makes replayability somewhat limited if not looking forward into new challenges from opponents everytime around..

3 No Single Player Option– As its name suggests this isn’t intended for solo gamers; meaning no practice matches available before going toe-to-toe with live opposition.

Excellent Graphics And Sound


The graphics in Slap Kings Mod APK are vibrant and colorful, which helps to bring out the intensity of each slapping match!

Sound Effects :

Each slap is accompanied by a satisfying sound effect that adds an extra layer of excitement as you compete for bragging rights amongst your friends or family members!

Slap Kings Mod Apk

Slap Kings Mod Apk is a simple yet exciting game that you can play with your friends or family. It’s fast-paced fun and easy to pick up, making it great for competitive rivalries between players! With vibrant graphics, satisfying sound effects and an unlimited number of slaps when using the mod apk – this slap off won’t disappoint anyone who wants some intense slapping action. So get ready because in Slap Kings there’s only one true King (or Queen) of Slaps!


Q. Is Slap Kings a multiplayer game?

A. Yes, it is designed for two players to face off against each other in an epic slap down tournament!

Q. How do you win at the Slap Kings?

A. The last player standing wins points for every successful hit they land on their opponent’s hand before giving up or conceding defeat – making them King (or Queen) of slaps!.

Q . Can I play this with more than 2 people ?

A. Yes , multiple teams can compete head-tohead by assigning different opponents per round – so everyone gets involved and has fun !

Q Does Slap kings have age restrictions ?

A. No there are no age limits as anyone who’s able join in will be able enjoy regardless whether young adult, child ,grandparent etc..

Q What difference does Mod Apk make compared regular version ?

A. mod apk provides extra bonuses such as unlimited number of slaps, free points & additional lives which makes leveling up faster plus even greater intensity within matches due those added advantages over basic set ruleset from original edition.

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