Whoscall APK 7.52 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Whoscall APK 7.52 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Publisher Gogolook
Genre Communication
Latest Version 7.52
Update on Dec 25, 2023
Requirements 8.0
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Whoscall is a popular caller ID and spam blocking app available for Android and iOS. With over 500 million registered users worldwide, Whoscall provides a comprehensive service to identify unknown callers and block robocalls and spam.

Key Features of Whoscall

  • Real-time caller ID for over 1 billion phone numbers across 230 countries
  • Powerful spam detection and blocking
  • Reverse phone lookup to identify unknown numbers
  • Call recording to save important conversations
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access
  • Completely free with no ads or paid subscriptions

Whoscall MOD APK

The Story Behind Whoscall

Whoscall was founded in 2012 by Star Chang and Michael Yeh, two Taiwanese entrepreneurs who met at university. They came up with the idea for Whoscall after becoming frustrated with the number of spam calls and unidentified numbers they kept receiving on their mobile phones.

At the time, there were very limited caller ID services available, and telemarketers and scammers would often use this to their advantage. Star and Michael recognized that a crowdsourced caller ID service would be invaluable to mobile users across the world.

After months of development, Whoscall was launched on iOS and Android in 2013 with an initial database of over 150 million phone numbers. Thanks to rapid growth and viral adoption, this number has now grown to over 1 billion numbers.

Whoscall MOD APK

How Whoscall Works

The key innovation behind Whoscall is its crowdsourced database of phone numbers. When you receive a call, Whoscall will instantly match the calling number against this database and display the caller’s name and location if available.

Over 500 million users globally contribute to this database, allowing Whoscall to identify many more numbers than traditional carrier-based services. Users can also optionally submit additional details about numbers, such as adding names or marking numbers as spam.

For unmatched numbers, Whoscall allows you to easily search online to identify the source and optionally add a name tag for future reference. It also provides social integration for further crowdsourced identification.

The app also has a built-in blocking function, allowing you to block specific numbers or enable auto blocking of suspected spam calls. Thanks to community feedback and machine learning, the spam detection is extremely quick and accurate.

Whoscall MOD APK

Key Features of Whoscall

Whoscall has a wide range of features designed to enhance the caller ID experience and give you greater control over nuisance calls.

Real-Time Caller ID

The core function of Whoscall is to identify callers in real-time by matching numbers against its extensive database. The app can identify callers from over 230 countries based on the crowdsourced information submitted by users.

It will display the matched name, location and supplemental information as an on-screen notification when you receive a call. This gives you instant context, helping you decide whether or not to answer.

Spam Detection and Blocking

Whoscall has advanced algorithms to detect telemarketing calls, robocalls and other spam calls. It flags these calls as potential spam, allowing you to block them with a single tap.

You can also permanently block specific numbers and enable auto blocking for suspected spam calls. Over time, this self-learning spam detection becomes extremely accurate at identifying unwanted calls.

Call Recording

The call recording function allows you to record important phone conversations and save them directly on your device. Recordings are encrypted for privacy and can be exported as standard audio files.

This is useful for saving discussions in situations like interviews, business negotiations or consultations where you may need to review the conversation again later.

Reverse Phone Lookup

For numbers not in the Whoscall database, the app allows you to perform a reverse phone lookup. Simply enter the number and it will search online and government databases to identify the source.

Reverse lookup provides names, addresses and supplemental information to identify mystery callers. You can also choose to add new names and details to the Whoscall database for everyone’s benefit.

Password Protection

You can set a password in Whoscall to restrict access to the app. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your saved data, call logs, block list and other private information if your device is lost or accessed by others.

Completely Free

While many caller ID and spam blocking apps charge a subscription fee, all core Whoscall features are completely free. There are no ads or paid tiers – just a free, ad-free service supported by community contributions.

This makes the app extremely accessible, fueling its viral global adoption. Optional paid plans for power users provide additional configuration options.

Whoscall MOD APK

The Benefits of Whoscall

Whoscall offers unique benefits compared to traditional caller ID services from carriers, while also providing enhanced blocking of unwanted calls.

Greater Caller Identification

Thanks to its crowdsourced database, Whoscall can identify far more callers than standard carrier-based services – over 1 billion numbers and counting. The identification rate for many regions now exceeds 90%.

Reduced Disruptions

Whoscall gives you the context to decide whether to answer a call before you pick up. This means fewer disruptions from unwanted calls. Over time, actively blocking spam callers further eliminates interruptions.

Improved Privacy

Whoscall allows you to identify mystery callers contacting you while keeping your own number private. This means you can understand the source without exposing your personal details.

User Empowerment

Whoscall puts users in control – letting you identify callers on your terms and block the ones you don’t want to hear from. This flips the status quo in favor of consumer rights.


As a completely free service, Whoscall breaks down barriers to accessing caller ID, offering a high-quality service to users across economic and geographic boundaries.

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Whoscall MOD APK

Whoscall Mod APK

The Whoscall Mod APK provides access to the premium version of the app with all advanced features unlocked. This offers complete functionality without any subscription fees or in-app purchases.

Unlocked Premium Features

The modded APK enables advanced features like cloud call sync, online number search and enhanced list management options normally locked behind a paywall in the regular app.

No Ads

You get the full app experience without annoying ads. The interface is clean and focused solely on core caller ID functionality without distractions.

Free Subscription

Paid subscription packs with additional configuration and personalization functions are unlocked for free with the modded APK. You get complete access without spending money.

Latest Version

The Whoscall mod is always updated to unlock features from the latest app release. You can install the mod over your existing Whoscall app seamlessly.

Easy Installation

Installation of the modded APK is simple with automatic updates. Just download, enable install from unknown sources, and install after uninstalling any previous Whoscall app.

Improved User Experience

With all advanced features unlocked, the modded app provides the fastest, most fully-featured caller ID and blocking experience for maximum productivity and utility.

While the Whoscall Mod does offer useful benefits, using mods does carry some risks, like potential instability or lack of support. However, for most users the tradeoff is well worth it.


In an era of rampant robocalls and telemarketing, Whoscall provides essential protection. Its unique crowdsourced database identifies over 1 billion numbers to give users real-time caller ID and provide the information they need.

Powerful blocking and spam detection keep unwanted calls to a minimum; while recording, reverse lookup and password protection give users control over their privacy. Completely free and accessible, Whoscall has become an indispensable mobile tool.

Several improvements and bug fixes.

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